TV Club: A To Z: “L Is For Likability”

We’re one episode away from finding out why Andrew and Zelda only make it so far. Or not. Except for an unusually intrusive narrator, “L Is For Likability” gives no indication that A To Z is heading for an ending. Given the relationship deadline, I expected something more like the final couple episodes of You’re The Worst, one of the best rom-coms of the season, in which the central relationship slams into its second-act low. Or at least, given A To Z‘s own history, a final-scene cliffhanger, like Zelda realizing she’s too good for Andrew or something. As it is, I have no idea if these late episodes were produced before cancellation, and the show itself isn’t giving me a lot of hope for resolution. Which is beside the point of how likable “L Is For Likability” is, but it’s silly to pretend like …

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