TV Club: A To Z: “K Is For Keep Out”

“K Is For Keep Out” is so much fun it flies by, as long as you don’t keep pausing to keep up with all the jokes. Like “H Is For Hostile Takeover,” it’s a rich episode, primarily because there are two separate rounds of square dancing as the characters figure out the appropriate level of expression for their feelings. There’s a lot of broad comedy, and for once it doesn’t distract from the underlying issues. It’s an exaggeration of them. For instance, instead of Stu being an obnoxious sidekick or an obnoxious date-stalker or an obnoxious everything, he’s an obnoxious roommate acting out because his best friend is abandoning him. So when Stu crawls into bed between Andrew and Zelda because he’s afraid of the storm, it doesn’t feel as real as that final phone call between Andrew and Zelda, but it …

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