TV Club: A To Z: “J Is For Jan Vaughan”

“J Is For Jan Vaughan” is another one of those plotty episodes where each act could sustain a whole episode in the old days, but A To Z doesn’t have a lot of time left on this Earth, so just go with it. There are twin stories about Andrew and Zelda setting Stu and Stephie up with people who seem like perfect matches, with the twist that everyone’s far along enough in their friendships that Zelda’s the one who sets up Stu and Andrew’s the one who sets up Stephie. It’s smart to build these inroads between Team Zelda and Team Andrew, because that’ll make the inevitable break-up or whatever more difficult. After a successful date each, both Stu’s and Stephie’s dates leave them, which drives the depressed supporting characters back into each other’s arms. It’s about here that further …

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