TV Club: A terrific Mom veers from celebration to tragedy

Last week on Mom, Christy Plunkett found herself in a hotel room with a vulnerable, horny, hunk of a man named Julian (played by Joe Manganiello). After she helped him recommit to his sobriety by calling the front desk and getting his minibar de-liquored, Christy reluctantly rejected Julian’s sexual advances, because he’d only been off booze for a few weeks. She was more than eager to jump into bed with him, but not at the expense of either of them falling off the wagon.

This week on Mom, Christy warns a 19-year-old recovering addict named Jodi that she needs to cut ties with her new boyfriend: a junkie who’s only been clean for a few weeks. Jodi ignores her. And by the end of the episode, she’s dead of an overdose.

I’ve written before about how well Mom articulates the struggles of people in recovery …

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