TV Club: A terribly entertaining Tribal Council performance saves a fairly boring episode of Survivor

Brawn is a terrible tribe. They’re not fun, they’re not interesting, and they’re not particularly good at anything—most glaringly, they’re not even good at the challenges, which is the one thing they should be good at doing. Luckily for us, their ineptitude extends to strategy and Tribal Council maneuvering, and that ineptitude makes for one hilarious elimination. The Survivor producers didn’t even have to work to make it hilarious, as Brawn took care of that all on their own.

The problem with Brawn being terrible is that we are forced to watch them be terrible throughout the entire episode before getting any sort of satisfaction from their epic implosion at the end. They mostly spend their time loafing around and making fun of Alecia, who is desperately trying to prove her worth to the tribe by attempting to make fire for five hours before …

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