TV Club: A taxes-obsessed classic Simpsons parodies political satire

Given The Simpsons‘ longstanding fondness for doing a self-contained first act that connects only tenuously with the main story—seriously, they were making fun of themselves for that at least as far back as season 12’s “Tennis The Menace,” which aired nearly 15 years ago—there’s no shortage of candidates for the story that travels farthest from beginning to end. But of all the great shaggy dog stories in the show’s long history, few can rival what we get in “The Trouble With Trillions,” which starts with Springfield celebrating New Year’s and ends with Homer, Mr. Burns, and Smithers on a raft, drifting in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. The episode is a good example for the show’s skill at comedic escalation, starting with some relatively—at least by the show’s standards—grounded riffing on the scourge of tax day and then moving …

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