TV Club: A sudden death and a surprise twist elevates Star Wars Rebels to new heights

It’s almost impossible for writers these days to make a good plot twist succeed. The internet, particularly around movies and shows with rabid fanbases, has created massive communities that pore over every frame to predict every single possible narrative swerve out there. So I can’t necessarily say that no one predicted that Kallus was the new Fulcrum. Yet it was still a surprise to me, I think, for a few reasons. One: the quality of the past few episodes have been… subpar to say the least, so it inadvertently lowered the audience’s expectations. Two: it seemed that Kallus’s ”debt” had been paid after letting Sabine go in “The Antilles Extraction” (in payment to Zeb’s life-saving assistance in “The Honorable Ones”). Three: we’ve only been teased with Kallus’ growing dissatisfaction with the Empire in vague, sporadic moments. It is, in retrospect, pretty brilliant, and pretty …

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