TV Club: A strong Supergirl knows two Luthors are better than one

While the most recent string of Supergirl episodes have had their moments, what the show has been missing lately is a sense of focus. The last few episodes in particular offered a hodgepodge of interesting ideas and storylines that worked individually yet never quite gelled together. But what a difference a Luthor makes. Or, rather, what a difference two Luthors make. Supergirl returns to the prickly mother/daughter duo we haven’t seen since the winter finale. And their presence gives “Luthors” a much-needed sense of cohesion.

What makes the Luthors such effective antagonists for this show is that their villainy touches every aspect of Supergirl’s life. Lillian’s trial is a major story for reporter Kara to cover for CatCo. Lena’s involvement in the trial brings a concerned Kara back into her friend’s life. And the duo’s escape is a major threat for Supergirl to …

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