TV Club: A stirring main event can’t save an otherwise dull Raw

Storytelling within the framework of professional wrestling and WWE isn’t simple. Sure, there are arcs and angles that make it look simple, but the constant balancing act, willingness to adapt, and ability to essentially see into the future doesn’t make crafting a consistently compelling show all that easy. But there are basic fundamentals that need to be in place that allow for those other, more daunting obstacles to seem a little more manageable. After all, people who love wrestling are more than willing to give a little leeway to a choppy segment or botchy match if the storytelling is good. There’s room for mistakes, but that comes with the assumption that everything else is working like it’s supposed to.

Right now, Monday Night Raw isn’t working like it’s supposed to. It’s barely making its stories work, it’s keeping talent like Neville off …

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