TV Club: A stellar Crazy Ex-Girlfriend sidelines Rebecca and scores

Newton’s third law of motion states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It’s a rule of the natural world that, like so many others, provides handy parallels for what goes on in our lives, for the plain old ugly truths we encounter every day. A bug hits a windshield and splatters, and there’s force asserted on both car and insect. A bird flaps its wings, and the air it’s pushing pushes back. A person hurts another and both spiral off to some other new future, propelled by the force of their own choices, and by the choices of others. Put plainly, actions have consequences.

This is something Crazy Ex-Girlfriend handled sneakily well in its first season. Rebecca spent money like it was nothing, and wound up broke. Greg drank everywhere, all the time, and wound up passed out in his own vomit. Josh …

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