TV Club: A spotlight episode for Aden Young kicks off Rectify’s final season

We’ve never seen Daniel Holden at home. The first three seasons of Rectify are set in the man’s hometown, and we’ve seen plenty of flashbacks to the place where he was forced to live for nearly 20 years. But a spot where Daniel can feel at ease, that he can call both residence and refuge? That remains tantalizingly out of reach.

At first, “A House Divided” suggests that Daniel may have found a home in Nashville. Introducing the New Canaan Project—an organization devoted to re-acclimating former inmates to the community, introduced by Jon Stern in season three—Ray McKinnon’s script and Patrick Cady’s direction paint a serene, near-silent portrait of Daniel’s surroundings. But the picket fence clashes with the wailing siren and the poorly tended bus shelter, and the apparent structure of a warehouse job is disrupted by a supervisor who tells Daniel …

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