TV Club: A solid Christmas Saturday Night Live invites a trio of alums to back up Casey Affleck

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [shoo-in Oscar-nominated movie] star!”

Let’s all just agree up front that Casey Affleck is an odd choice for an SNL host. Unlike big brother Ben, a Five Timers Club member whose big lunk goofiness lends itself more to the task, Casey’s the mumbly character man, his long history of supporting roles and arthouse leads not outwardly conducive to jumping into the sketch comedy deep end that is hosting Saturday Night Live. In practice, however—yeah, he’s still an odd choice, although hardly a bad one. A helpful comparison is the “naughty elves” recurring sketch. When Ryan Gosling—similarly at home in arthouse fare—donned the jingle bells, he famously couldn’t contain his enthusiasm to get silly, what with the sketch’s reliance on jokes about spankings, and discipline, and unorthodox uses for holiday treats and whatnot, to the …

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