TV Club: A slow Iron Fist offers hellos and goodbyes

Halfway through this episode I started planning a jokey intro to this review in which I was going to talk about the shocking return of a compelling character only to reveal I was talking about Kyle, not Harold. But after finishing “The Mistress Of All Agonies,” that silly intro just doesn’t feel appropriate anymore. Kyle’s death is one of the most genuinely unsettling things in any of these Defenders shows. It’s not the bloodiest murder we’ve seen, but the way sweet little Kyle has time to beg for his life while having his skull bashed in with an ice cream scoop is deeply, deeply upsetting—arguably too much so for the tone of this series. But it does raise the stakes of Harold’s villainy. Killing Hatchet Men and Hand lackeys is one thing. Brutally murdering sweet, sweet Kyle takes Harold to a whole new level …

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