TV Club: A sillier-than-usual Quantico reveals Simon’s darkest secrets

When Quantico reveals its secrets and twists, they don’t evoke feelings of excitement, amusement, or surprise, they evoke feelings of exasperation, and sometimes relief. So many elements of Quantico‘s plot feel like big, heavy chunks of nonsense dangling over the story, when one of them suddenly comes crashing down, it means there’s one less nonsensical chunk to worry about. And there’s less to worry about after “Quantico,” which is a veritable rock slide of silly twists and goofy reveals that make for an extremely clunky episode, but at least help to snuff out a couple of the unanswered questions that have made the show seem egregiously overstuffed. There are still far too many characters, elements, and points in time in the mix, but the reveals give the illusion that Quantico is calming down and flattening out, and that feels promising even when the episode itself is …

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