TV Club: A short, sharp 30 For 30 looks at one of sports talk radio’s most famous teams

Fans of rock docs or any other Behind The Music-style specials about the rise and fall of a popular band should be familiar with one of the most oddly satisfying scenes in the story of a breakup: when those responsible for ending a relationship look back with regret, realizing that whatever petty problems they were dealing with years ago should’ve taken a backseat to keeping the act together. They say to themselves what fans have long been thinking: “Guys, you were The Clash (or the Pixies, or Men At Work, or whoever). You could’ve done so much more.”

No moment like that ever arrives in the 30 For 30 episode “Mike And The Mad Dog,” though it’s clear that a lot of the people interviewed in Daniel Forer’s snappy, surprisingly emotional documentary keep waiting for the big apology to happen. The episode opens at the …

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