TV Club: A short Horace And Pete contains nuggets of poetry

The fourth episode of Horace And Pete is only 30 minutes long, making it the shortest episode of the series so far. It’s three scenes in two locations—a barroom debate, a widow’s monologue, and a strangely tender father and son moment—that maneuver between many different moods, oftentimes in the same moment. It’s tempting to call “Episode 4” slight if for no other reason than it doesn’t have remotely the same emotional impact as the last episode, but doing so would be selling it short. In fact, it’s an episode that contains small nuggets of poetry within absurd conversation.

Take the big scene with Horace and Maggie (Nina Arianda) where Maggie details her brief marriage with a pilot. It’s sort of an irreverent joke that Horace, in an attempt to pull himself out of his depression, booty calls an old fling only for …

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