TV Club: A rousing musical number saves an uneven Agent Carter two-parter

To understand the unique charm Agent Carter brings to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one need only look to the opening dream sequence of “A Little Song And Dance,” the second episode of tonight’s two-parter. After getting knocked out and kidnapped by Whitney Frost, Peggy takes a journey through her subconscious that leads to a musical number about Peggy’s position at the center of a love triangle. The cast members sing an original song and dance to choreography by Dancing With The Stars‘ Louis Van Amstel (who appears with other DWTS veterans as part of the dance ensemble), successfully channeling the spirit of old Hollywood musicals to begin the evening’s second chapter with style, energy, and humor.

The sequence is pure fun and a refreshing burst of humor in the middle of a high-stakes plot, and something that would likely never be attempted on any of Marvel’s …

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