TV Club: A relatively lighthearted You’re The Worst turns existential in its final minutes

For the most part, “Talking to Me, Talking to Me” resembles a standard “get back to normal” episode after last week’s digressive turn. It pleasantly, lightheartedly ambles across four different storylines—Jimmy builds a treehouse, Gretchen practices mindfulness, Edgar scores a writing gig, and Lindsay has an abortion—without much fuss. It features clean storytelling and funny jokes, and while it’s a little bit more hum-drum then the series’ at its best, it’s still a good sign that You’re The Worst can pull off these kind of “typical” episodes with deft grace. Sometimes the best thing a sitcom can do is to demonstrate the solidity of its fundamentals instead of constantly breaking a set of prescribed rules.

However, that comfort and familiarity all goes out the window in its final minutes when Jimmy’s existential crisis comes to a head against Gretchen’s newfound calm. It …

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