TV Club: A powerful Adventure Time explores how art enlightens personal change

To live is to change, but how do you accept the changes you don’t want or expect? Jake is dealing with this question in “Abstract,” the first new Adventure Time episode since the conclusion of the Elements miniseries. That event ended with Jake being transformed into a blue, five-eyed form reminiscent of his shape-shifting demon parent (for more on Jake’s background, check out season 6’s “Joshua And Martha Investigations”), and despite his efforts to act like everything is normal, everything is very obviously the opposite.

Finn and BMO can see that their old dog friend is now a weird demon-thing with unpredictable abilities, and while Finn is trying to play it as cool as he can, BMO is freaking out about Jake’s new look. The design for the new Jake is especially effective at reinforcing how he’s become an other in this world, with his …

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