TV Club: A potentially exciting rescue mission only shows Rebels handles its themes better than its stories

Hey, Hera: why did you just send Kanan and Rex out to save Ezra and Commander Sato? Sure, Kanan’s original idea, bringing the whole gang out to save him, was a bad, incomplete idea, but you never bothered to explain why your idea–sending two people who aren’t on great terms with each other out on the rescue mission–was a better one. Sabine even knew what the gravity well was, and she could certainly sneak around in a Stormtrooper suit. I was waiting for a concrete explanation on Hera’s decision, some kind of intriguing bit of strategy that could explore some of the more intricate ways her mind works. But, despite the scene setting itself up for it, the explanation never came. As far as the episode is concerned, Hera chose Rex and Kanan to save Ezra because the episode just wanted to do a Rex …

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