TV Club: A plot-heavy Timeless buckles under the weight

Well, ”The Watergate Tape” comes with both good news and bad.

In its fifth episode, Timeless finally manages to do some world-building, origin-story type stuff without merely dropping the name “Rittenhouse” and calling it a day. Better still, they jam down the accelerator on a few things other shows might be content to let percolate for weeks, if not years. And best of all, they finally invest some time in making their primary antagonist, the to-this-point blandly unhinged Garcia Flynn, a character worth watching. All good, and the last item well overdue.

Every good news/bad news situation comes with that back half, however, and all that good stuff comes at a price. Unfortunately, it’s the one price that never bodes well for a show: to achieve the things listed above, Timeless chooses to sacrifice much of what makes it an entertaining watch in the first place. Not all …

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