TV Club: A pathologically satisfying Inside Amy Schumer episode

“Psychopath Test” is easily Inside Amy Schumer’s best show of this season so far. Other episodes have featured more elaborately constructed sketches or cutting social commentary, but they’ve also stumbled over abrupt endings or contradictory tones. “Psychopath Test” is fresh, funny, and surprising throughout. Most surprising of all, seven episodes into the season, the show finally moves away from the subject of Schumer’s skyrocketing fame. If I’ve harped on its effect on the show, that’s only because Inside Amy Schumer harps on it, too. Even so, I didn’t realize what a relief it would be when the writers’ room turned away from that subject for an episode.

The show opens with a bubbly paean to self-esteem (sung by Sara Bareilles) that immediately becomes a celebration of sociopathic entitlement. “You are gorgeous no matter what you do/You are perfect no matter how you act …

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