TV Club: A pair of kings regretfully ponder the inevitable on a haunting Vikings

“In The Uncertain Hour Before The Morning,” two kings remove themselves from the world for a night, only to confront the fact that the world will wait for no one, king or no. His reappearance teased last week when son Aethelwulf informed him of Ragnar’s return, King Ecbert tonight faces off with his nemesis. Brushing past the gloating Aethelwulf to where Ragnar sits in chains (and a hanging cage), Ecbert, now stooped and grizzled with the weight of the intervening years, dismisses everyone from the chamber with a brusque, repeated, “Leave.” Ragnar, brutally beaten and starving in his captivity, locks eyes with the king who ordered the slaughter of the Norse settlers, and summons a wry, “What took you so long?”

Travis Fimmel (Photo: Bernard Walsh/History)

This episode, but for a momentous episode back in Kattegat we’ll get to later, is almost entirely a two-hander for Travis …

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