TV Club: A new threat appears when Preacher arrives in the Big Easy

Eugene is still in Hell, which sucks for him. In the source material, Eugene was a depressed teen who tried to kill himself after Kurt Cobain committed suicide. The same scenario wouldn’t work for the TV show, if only because the timelines wouldn’t match up; all the same, I’m not sure the changes made to the character’s origins have been for the better. The opening scene of “Damsels” shows us Eugene stuck in a loop similar to the Saint of Killers—a constant rerun of the worst time in his life, which coincidentally also happens to be a piece of relevant backstory. Last season we heard that Eugene had a crush on a girl and shot her when she turned him down. Turns out, things are a little more complicated than that: she was planning on killing herself, but he manages to talk her out of …

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