TV Club: A musical crossover with Supergirl is the cure for what ails The Flash

“Musicals have the power to make everything better.” That’s what Barry Allen’s mother used to tell him, and while it’s not always the case, it certainly holds true for “Duet,” the long-anticipated musical crossover with Supergirl. After weeks of dour, angst-ridden soap opera, The Flash is fun again thanks to the sort of format-breaking escapade that should happen much more often. This is a comic-book multiverse where anything is possible, so why spend so much time running in circles? And while “Duet” works pretty well as a standalone, it actually ties into the season-long plot by resolving an issue that could have lingered unpleasantly for many more weeks, which is reason enough to be grateful.

The episode has more to offer than that, however. The set-up is almost absurdly simple, given the usual sort of alternate dimension/timeline shenanigans these CW super-shows traffic in. An alien prisoner …

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