TV Club: A moving 30 For 30 honors the NFL’s most fantastic losers

One of the great fallacies of team sports fandom is that championships are the ultimate measure of value. Don’t get me wrong. The goal of any team is to win it all; and for the fans of those teams, there’s nothing that feels as satisfying as seeing the guys or gals in your colors hoisting a trophy. But as a lifelong Atlanta Braves fan, I can tell you that I enjoyed our decades of dominance more than our current “rebuild”—even though those boon years only resulted in one title. Being in the mix is always better than being irrelevant.

Then again… the Braves did get one. After we lost the Series in 1991 and 1992, some wags dubbed us “the Buffalo Bills of baseball,” which Atlanta may have taken as motivation leading up to the big win in 1995. But what would you make of that insult …

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