TV Club: A major character bids farewell as The Americans ponders the nature of sacrifice

As Gabriel leaves America (and, it appears, The Americans), everyone talks of sacrifice. Picking up from the wordless, radiant meeting of Gabriel and Paige at the conclusion of “Crossbreed,” Gabriel tries to explain—to this girl he’s known all her life but never met—exactly who her parents are. Frank Langella, as ever, walks between avuncular warmth and bright-eyed wariness—and Elizabeth and Philip keep breaking in to guide the narrative—as Gabriel tells Paige that the sacrifices her parents have made for decades make them heroes. “They’ve stood for something larger than themselves,” he tells her, quoting Marx, as Paige, head nodding and eyes searching, attempts to understand. Later, Paige meets with Pastor Tim, who cites Jesus’ example on the same subject, telling her, “We make sacrifices in our own life for the benefit of someone else.” Again, Paige nods and tries to take comfort in the …

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