TV Club: A loose, funny You’re The Worst ends a great season on a high note

If You’re The Worst hadn’t been renewed for a third season, “The Heart Is A Dumb Dumb” would have served perfectly well as a series finale. It’s a loose, funny episode that focuses equally on the various relationships in the series, firmly choosing to put a comma at the end of their stories and not a period. It underscores how life is unpredictable and filled with a variety of scary, unknown paths, having someone by your side always helps. You’re The Worst never hides from the ugly reality that relationships are filled with doubts and fears, and that maintaining one takes just as much as time and effort as anything else in life. But as every romantic comedy in the history of entertainment preaches, they’re still worth it. What makes You’re The Worst different is that it earns that lesson by putting its characters …

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