TV Club: A loose episode of Portlandia riffs on cable theme songs, rental cars, and chargers

After three narratively driven episodes to kick off season six, “Weirdos Beach” returns Portlandia to its sketch roots. No grand exploration of growing up or anthropological study of the music festival experience, instead it’s a loose collection of takes on various music and car-related topics. While the former approach yields the show’s better episodes, there’s still nothing wrong with the format, and the bulk of “Weirdos Beach” has enough clever jokes and guest stars to keep it on an even keel. None of the sketches are instant classics, but for the most part they hold the line and keep season six up.

The episode’s runner sketch returns us to the life of goth weirdos Jacqueline and Vincent, last seen being acquitted of taxidermy shop arson thanks to the legal expertise of Paul Reubens. Evidently the experience has pushed them to step outside their comfort zone of …

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