TV Club: A looming attack allows Homeland to get back to doing what it does best

Is there any drama on television better at turning shit into sugar than Homeland? The only consistent thing about season five is its inconsistency, its pattern of jolting back to life in the most suspenseful, thrilling way after appearing to wander aimlessly for two or three episodes. After the tight and tense “The Litvinov Ruse,” Homeland went slack in “New Normal,” long enough to give the Carrie and Quinn ‘shippers reason to believe and deflect some heat from Allison so she can play an active role in the final two episodes. “Our Man In Damascus” is a fine return to form, and it also exemplifies why Homeland is such a tricky show to write in its fifth (and forthcoming sixth) season. Homeland has always been two distinctly different shows occupying the same hour, and ideally there’s harmony between the two, but that harmony has become harder to achieve as …

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