TV Club: A legendary Drunk History spotlights female friendship

After a wobbly start, Drunk History has found its footing again with “Legends.” The theme is broad enough to really go in any direction. And indeed, Derek Waters and his team have found three tonally disparate stories about three very different kinds of legends. The fact that this episode outshines the season premiere really boils down to the episode titles. “Great Escapes” describes an action, and last week’s stories were, accordingly, plot-driven, relying on action to keep the momentum going. They were about historical events, and the people they involved weren’t fleshed out enough to really hook. But “Legends” describes the people themselves. Obviously, Drunk History gets into specific historical events with these three stories, but they’re also about who these three legends are, not just what they did. Whenever Drunk History delves into the humanity of its stories, it transcends its goofy premise. And that’s …

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