TV Club: A landmark SmackDown! reminds all why it’s still “the land of opportunity”

In a funny turn of events, SmackDown! Live‘s super important 900th episode also happens to be a WWE go-home show. I’ve written a lot about WWE go-home shows and their usual misfirings, and Kyle Fowle had the opportunity to write about more of the same in this week’s Monday Night RAW review. And as big of a deal as 900 episodes is, familiarity with WWE usually means that this type of milestone will just be a parade of “people from the past” with little regard for the actual content.

Strangely enough, while there are certainly past WWE/SmackDown! people here this week, it’s not a parade of cameos, and they actually act in service to the current talent. That may not sound like a big deal, but in the world of main roster WWE, which constantly likes to remind the audience that the past was better …

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