TV Club: A lack of answers leads to an uneven Westworld

Clearly, Westworld is building towards something. Whether it’s a reveal of multiple timelines, hidden identities, or some stunning capper about the true nature of consciousness, this is definitely a show that wants you to wait until the ending before drawing any conclusions. With two episodes left in the first season, the action is pulling together and the stakes are rising, and yet elements crucial to our understanding remain withheld. That’s the reason for all the theories, good, bad, and hilarious—there’s an emptiness right now that practically demands we fill it with our own speculations. We are, in a sense, playing a game with the writers: will we figure it out before the final reveal? Or can they keep us distracted long enough to sneak in the truth right under our noses?

There’s pleasure to be found in that sort of trickery, but I feel like …

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