TV Club: A kingdom and a king give us something to root for on The Walking Dead

Melissa McBride is so damn good. Case in point: in “The Well,” she spends most of her time pretending to be cheerful and friendly to keep herself protected from a new group of survivors. It’s a performance that would be remarkable even on a show less routinely straightforward and subtext-free than this one, but here, it’s something of a revelation. We’ve seen her do the same shtick back in Alexandria, but I’m continually amazed at how, in world populated by characters who seem to be able to do little else but constantly speak what’s on their minds, Carol’s allowed this level of subterfuge. It automatically makes her scenes with the people of the Kingdom more interesting, even before King Ezekiel calls her on her shit.

So yeah, huge surprise, “The Well” is a step-up from the premiere. It follows the two best characters the …

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