TV Club: A huge return brings some energy back to Raw

Well, that was something else! If there’s been one consistent criticism to lob at WWE’s product in the last few months, it’s that there’s been a predictability to just about everything. A lot of that stems from the company’s insistence on pushing Roman Reigns to the moon, giving him every opportunity to take a shot at winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship despite pretty vocal fan indifference/hatred. Indifference is really the only feeling WWE has been able to muster of late, outside of a few memorable moments (we see you, AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble).

Tonight’s Raw doesn’t fix the big, Roman Reigns-shaped problem that WWE has, but boy does it veer far away from being predictable. And that’s all because of one man, making his triumphant return to WWE: Shane [insert expletive] McMahon! That’s right. Just as Stephanie …

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