TV Club: A homecoming delivers major revelations in Jessica Jones’ strongest episode

To say that Jessica Jones’ handling of Kilgrave is an improvement over the Alias comic book is a major understatement. Brian Michael Bendis’ interpretation of Purple Man is an utterly unsympathetic character, a remorseless maniac who breaks the fourth wall and talks about being in a comic book and is as obnoxious as he is repulsive. While there’s no physical rape committed against Jessica in the comics, Purple Man uses his mind control to sexually abuse Jessica in different ways, making her watch other victims and then forcing her to beg him for sexual satisfaction that he never grants her. It’s deeply disturbing and unpleasant, and the writers of Jessica Jones make a very wise choice in adding the motivation of love to Kilgrave’s character. His actions on the show are still disturbing and unpleasant, but they’re rooted in legitimate affection for Jessica that he doesn …

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