TV Club: A hilarious With Bob and David tackles tech giants, police brutality, and more

Though Mr. Show would often impress their audience with intricate structure or joke deconstruction, but sometimes it just took a silly premise, ran with it to the end of the line, and then drove it straight into the ground all without losing the laugh. “Episode 3” of With Bob And David is an example of an episode without any major runner or heady structural gambit, but just six brilliant sketches that all take aim at cultural targets, find the absurdity within those targets, and exploit it with that patented Bob and David wit and charm. Since the six sketches were all but discrete units, I will unpack them one by one:

The Three Shangy’s: Though the pretentious arrogance of tech giants has been a comedic target for sometime now (Mike Judge has arguably made an entire series about this topic), Steve Jobs and the like have yet to receive …

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