TV Club: A guest-starring Vixen elevates a game-changing Arrow

My goodness, a whole lot just happened in tonight’s episode! (Enough to justify sending Arrow off on a four-week hiatus, apparently, which I am not at all thrilled about.) There’s plenty of potential fallout from this episode that we’re likely going to need to see the follow-up before we can really judge. Has Damien Darhk really been depowered? Has Oliver really dropped out of the mayoral race for good, ceding control of Star City to, if not the most diabolical mass-murderer to occupy that office, then certainly a solid contender for the top three? Has Felicity really regained the ability to walk for good, and has she really walked out on Oliver? I’m sure some of those answers can already be worked out by looking at flash-forwards and trailers and episode synopses, but for those restricting their viewing to just the show itself, tonight leaves us …

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