TV Club: A funny, structureless Horace And Pete dives into the deep end

When Louis C.K. released the second episode of Horace And Pete on his website this morning, he released a brief statement with it. Here is an excerpt from it:

“Warning: this show is not a ‘comedy’. I dunno what it is. It can be funny. And also not. Both. I believe that ‘funny’ works best in its natural habitat. Right in the jungle along with ‘awful’, ‘sad’, ‘confusing’ and ‘nothing.’”

It’s an obvious observation for anyone who watched the first episode, but it makes sense that Louis would say this because, in his words, people “have every right to expect comedy from a comedian.” All of Louis’ best work is pitched on the thin line between comedy and tragedy, juxtaposing darkness with the light in the proverbial jungle. But for better or worse, Horace And Pete is in the thick of that jungle, and all of those adjectives …

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