TV Club: A funny if scattered season of Silicon Valley comes to a funny if scattered end

Ever since Vikram Murthi filled in for me a few weeks ago, I’ve been chewing on a statement he made in his review, that this year Silicon Valleyexcelled by shifting its focus towards episodic narratives over a strong seasonal arc.” It’s an observation I agree with, though instead of using it to praise the comedy I’m viewing it as the explanation why something’s felt off to me about this season. While it’s always been a shaggy show, each season of Silicon Valley has adhered to an arc that shepherded Pied Piper and its employees through a new stage of its existence. Season one was the company’s birth and early growing pains, season two was its fight for survival and legitimacy, and season three was the fight for individuality once it obtained that success.

Season four didn’t have any of that structure. In …

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