TV Club: A fun Mindy Project puts the pieces in place for the end of the season

Much as we should all be grateful for a return appearance of little Leo, this is a filler episode. With only two episodes left after this one to end the season, Mindy goes off into a pointless (yet fun) departure into the world of soap opera acting. Although given her fascination with celebrity, it makes sense, and fortunately the world of Tides Of Tomorrow is a hilarious parody of daytime drama (best was the baby’s actual father, the Swami, skulking back into the shadows with a bottle of wine).

Guy Branum’s new script is much more successful than his previous one, with the nice balance of absurd humor that sets The Mindy Project apart: Colette stapling Leo’s picture to the cake, for example, or Jeremy’s magnificent two lines from L&O: SVU. Again, it seems unlikely that even Mindy would be naive enough to get duped by …

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