TV Club: A friendly reminder from Arrow: Never, ever mess with Thea Queen

When Oliver said Thea reminded him of someone, well… he didn’t name the parent I thought he was going to. Thea has consistently shown herself to be one of Arrow‘s most compelling characters, the one supporting player with the requisite depth to feasibly transition into the protagonist role if Oliver were ever to move on. Or, as we see flashes of tonight, she could just as easily become an antagonist, because that is some seriously ruthless shit Thea pulls in ending Susan Williams. This is hardly the first time Arrow has explored the darker side of Thea, but before it’s always been in the context of being Malcolm Merlyn’s daughter. His tutelage brought out her harshest impulses, got her brainwashed into killing Sara, and eventually left her in a situation where her bloodlust drove her to kill.

The basic premise of all of Thea’s past …

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