TV Club: A flashback shows what makes Danny and Mindy work (and not work)

So after last week’s episode and a LOT of comment and Twitter discussion on whether or not The Mindy Project was massacring the character of Danny Castellano, I went back and rewatched a handful of episodes from season one, some of which I hadn’t seen since the first time they aired (although I always love “Josh And Mindy’s Christmas Party”). And here’s the thing: Even though TMP offers us even more Mindy and Danny backstory tonight, in case we’ve forgotten, their relationship was always like this, from the very first moments of the series. Especially before they got together for real. They were blunt with each other, and antagonistic, but when it came down to it, Danny was the one who watched TV with Mindy in the doctor’s lounge. Who tried to buy her a drink at the club. Who stayed with her at …

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