TV Club: A familiar face and a long goodbye on another excellent Preacher

We ended last night with Jesse in the path of the Saint; and tonight, we pick up pretty much exactly where we left off. It’s night, we’re outside a motel, and Jesse’s squinting into the darkness as Death strides towards him. Jesse tries using the Word, and it has no effect. The Saint, doing what he was pulled out of Hell to do, takes aim and fires.

The bullet hits the driver of a van; the now driverless van swerves and crushes the Saint into a streetlight, and Jesse is (temporarily at least) saved.

As cliffhanger resolutions go, it’s fine. There’s a chance that the sudden, hilariously convenient (at least for Jesse) arrival of Alsono’s Axle Grease van might have deeper ramifications—I’ll get into it in the Stray Observations to avoid spoiling anything—but as is, it’s funny but not much …

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