TV Club: A fair-to-middling Comedy Bang! Bang! goes medieval on talk-show history

When a visit to the History Of Television exhibit has Scott Aukerman pining for a more prominent place in talk-show history, it’s just a matter of time (you get it) before something magical makes it so. And so it is! The museum guard (Fred Willard) who overhears him isn’t a guard at all. He’s Merlin! And the immersive educational exhibit he directs them to isn’t an exhibit at all.

To teach them a valuable lesson, Merlin spirits Scott and “Weird Al” Yankovic back to the court of Camelot “in roughly the late fifth or early sixth century.” There, they introduce themselves as jesters and put on the very first talk show for none other than King Arthur (Dave Foley) and Lady Guinevere (Candace Brown).

Scott takes this fabulous adventure in stride, and no wonder. Time travel is well-established in the Comedy Bang! Bang! universe. Very well-established …

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