TV Club: A dull Last Man On Earth features two manhunts—one for pills and another for Yoda

After a few weeks of consistent Last Man On Earth episodes that appropriately balance the series’ broad humor with its grounded post-apocalyptic drama, it’s only natural to come across a dud. As far as duds go, “Find This Thing We Need To” isn’t actively bad, but it’s mostly very dull. The jokes are too few and far between, the drama never quite lands, and it mostly just feels like the series biding time for the last major development going into the home stretch of the season.

The A-plot this week involves Tandy, Carol, and Erica going on a manhunt for a mysterious Yoda figure in the background of Carol’s family portrait. The three don camouflage and furtively check out the nearby surroundings where they find a house that they presume a small boy occupies, given the abundance of board games, the small size of his Yoda …

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