TV Club: A desperate Good Wife brings up the past to try to save the future

Until the final moments of “KRS,” is shockingly low-key for a finale of any type. While that could be a strength in some instances, it’s actually a glaring weakness in this particular episode. The things in this episode that The Good Wife‘s writers want the audience to react to and feel things for are the things that they couldn’t care less about. All of the interchangeable new associates have left the firm; series regular Jason is shipped off to San Jose for the very specific time of two months; guest character Courtney Paige is returning to her home in California, away from Eli; apparently Peter wants his mother to have a pre-nup for her impending nuptials; and Eli finally reveals to Alicia that he deleted Will’s declaration of love voicemail six years ago.

That last one just so happens to be those aforementioned final moments of …

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