TV Club: A dense Homeland finale ends season five in an elegiac fashion

As precise and process-driven as counter-intelligence work is, it’s essentially a faith-based discipline. An officer like Carrie Mathison, back when she was still a company woman, is proactive as she can be about fostering relationships, grooming assets, and sifting through an avalanche of data in search of the tiny speck of information that could prove the crucial difference in thwarting a terror attack. But at the end of the day, she has to catch a break, and she has to hope that break will come in enough time to prove useful. Season five finds Carrie embracing faith in ways she never has before, taking communion in the opening scene of “Separation Anxiety,” and seeking solace in the hospital chapel in “A False Glimmer,” after learning Quinn is a few hours into surgery following a massive and likely fatal stroke. Carrie has put her trust in a higher power because …

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