TV Club: A deliberate yet unpredictable Kingdom reminds us that no one is safe

There’s nothing like the return of Chekhov’s gun(s) to confirm the feeling that you’ve forgotten about something, and that that something could be a significant threat, although you have no idea what that thing or threat could be. Still with me? Good, because a lot happens tonight and it would be best if we parse it together. Maybe it’s because it’s the penultimate episode of the season, but “Living Down” went by in a blur. It was alternately deliberate and unpredictable, its players both languishing and rallying. As the season nears its conclusion, I find I’m uneasy about everyone’s fate.

But back to those guns—the first thing we see is Alvey packing up the ones he purchased in the season opener, way back when I thought (though did not articulate here, because the reviewing hadn’t begun yet) he might have …

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