TV Club: A conflict-heavy Jane The Virgin throws a wrench in multiple relationships

Imagine being replaced by your twin sister and put in a forced state of paralysis for three months, forced to watch the rest of the world not notice that the person in your shoes isn’t you at all. It’s enough to break a person, but Petra Solano isn’t like most people. She’s infuriated at the world when she comes out of her paralysis in “Chapter Forty-Nine,” but in classic Petra fashion, she turns that fury into action, seizing the new opportunities made available to her by Anezka’s meddling.

Petra is the most challenging character on Jane The Virgin. She’s deeply entrenched in the over-the-top telenovela elements of this series, but she still has to belong in the same world as Jane, which requires Yael Grobglas to bring strong emotional motivation to every decision Petra makes. The first two seasons successfully brought Petra down to …

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